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11 Indicators that Inform You to Swap to Synthetic Grass Brisbane


Knowing when to switch to artificial grass isn’t as apparent as it may seem. Find out when to make the transition by looking over these 11 key indicators.

Natural grass lawns are beautiful, but they require a lot of work. Here are 11 indicators that tell you to switch to artificial grass:

  1. The expense and maintenance costs for natural grass have gone up. It could be due to the rising prices brought by the ongoing pandemic.
  2. Are you using chemicals for lawn maintenance? If so, then you need to be wary of the health risks. You don’t want your children or pets accidentally consuming toxins that have been sprayed on the lawn.
  3. Do you spend more time mowing than relaxing on your lawn? Artificial grass Brisbane is durable, so it doesn’t need to be mowed as often.
  4. If you’ve grown frustrated with your natural lawn, it might be time for an upgrade or a change in scenery. Artificial grass is low maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about constant watering and fertilizing like you would if the landscaping was made of natural greenery.
  5. If you’re not sure if your natural lawn is worth the cost, it might be time to switch to artificial. In the latest survey, a typical homeowner spends about $500 per year maintaining their yard with conventional methods such as watering, fertilization, and mowing.
  6. When artificial grass starts to look worn or dirty, all that’s needed is a quick brush off with a broom and some soap. The fake blades of grass won’t hold on to the dirt like real ones will, which means less work for you.
  7. You’re not getting the green colour or lush look you want from your natural lawn anymore. Natural grass requires a ton of attention and care to maintain its looks. On the other hand, artificial grass will look the same without any significant maintenance.
  8. It’s hard to grow healthy plants around your home because of pests attracted by natural lawns, such as ants, roaches, mosquitoes and ticks.
  9. There is an increased risk of allergies for people who live near their neighbours’ natural yards because they’re breathing in pollen when the wind blows.
  10. You’re tired of maintaining your natural lawn. You simply don’t have the time to do it. The best way to fix this is by installing artificial grass Brisbane. It doesn’t need any special care, and there’s no worry about bugs or allergies because they’re not present with synthetic lawns.
  11. You want your lawn to look great all year long. With natural grass, it only looks good during the warmer months. Artificial lawns don’t need any special care to look its best no matter the season.

With all these reasons in mind, it all boils down to your decision. If you want a change from natural grass, then go ahead and install artificial turf! It could be exactly what you need, so stop waiting around: start today!