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How A1-GUTTER-GUARDS Gutter Guard Adelaide Help Protect the Roof


Gutter guards don’t get that much attention, but they serve a valuable purpose.

Gutter guards are a homeowner’s best defence against roof damage. They can help protect your roof from falling leaves, needles and other debris that might clog the drains over time. As a bonus, gutters will also stay clean longer when they’re free of gunk—making them less likely to overflow and lead to basement flooding.

That said, installing A1-GUTTER-GUARDS Gutter Guard Adelaide isn’t a cure-all for every homeowner: Some experts say it’s essential to clear away any debris that gets stuck in the gutters at least twice a year, whether you have gutter guards. Otherwise, water can pool against the gutters and lead to leakage.

What kind of damage can clogged gutters cause?

The main problem with clogged gutters is that they’ll overflow, spilling water onto the roof and potentially causing leaks in your basement or top floor. This is especially true when heavy rains hit: It only takes an inch or two of standing water to cause some severe damage.

You might also notice that leaves and pine needles are stuck on the gutter guards, which can prevent them from doing their job correctly. If you want to avoid this problem, try using wire mesh for your gutter guards. Wire mesh is more resistant to clogging than other types of gutters because the openings are more diminutive. Of course, if you’re worried about aesthetics, you can always paint metal mesh guards to match your roof.

Clogged gutters can lead to other, more subtle problems over time—for example, and it’ll be more challenging for water to drain away from the foundation of your home during storms. Gutters help redirect this excess water away from the house and down the downspouts, so water will collect near your foundation if they’re plugged up. This can cause significant problems when water freezes in wintertime: All that force could push up against your foundation until it cracks or buckles.

When you have gutter guards installed on your home’s gutters, you’ll never have to worry about gutter maintenance again. This is particularly important for those who loathe cleaning out your gutters—which is often a dirty, messy task involving ladders and long periods spent climbing up and down the ladder.

A1-GUTTER-GUARDS Gutter Guard Adelaide make it easy to spend more time enjoying life outside instead of inside. And they’ll help you protect the foundation of your home, ensuring that it stays strong for many years to come.

After you’ve had gutter guards installed, it’s wise to have your gutters inspected at least once a year—especially after heavy storms. Here are four signs that you might need to give your gutters a once-over:

> Your gutters are overflowing. When your gutters are overloaded with water, they’ll overflow and cause water damage on the exterior of your home—and the interior if the water has enough force to break through windows or doors and enter into your living spaces.

> The downspouts aren’t draining properly. If water is pooling around your foundation after heavy rains, it could be a sign that your downspouts are blocked (and you should have experts look into it immediately).

> Your gutters are overflowing with debris. This might mean they’re clogged. Periodically check out the gutters around your home to see if any branches or debris are stuck there. You’ve got to clear them out, or they might cause your gutters to overflow the next time it rains.

Your gutter guards are bent or damaged. For example, suppose you’re constantly sweeping up leaves around the exterior of your home. In that case, this probably means that your gutters aren’t doing their job—and are allowing fallen debris to accumulate around your foundation. If you get in the habit of inspecting your gutters at least once a year, it’s easy to catch minor problems before they become bigger ones.